Cooking Classes

Podere Salicotto organizes classes of traditional Tuscan cooking, where you can plunge your hands into dough and have fun learning the authentic recipes of our tradition.
In Italy, a passion for food and good cooking have always been part of the popular culture. There is a deep love which links this land with food. Travelling does not just mean visiting magnificent places and taking photos of awe-  inspiring landscapes. Travelling also means opening yourself up to the culture of a region and the traditions of the people living in it.
To fully experience this land, you will have to abandon yourself to the pleasures of its authentic tastes.
This is the best way of getting to know the territory and then amaze all your friends when you get back home: learn the secrets of Tuscan cooking.

After the class, we can sit in the garden together and taste the delicacies we have prepared, enjoying the view while sipping a good glass of wine