Summer events in Sienese Tuscany

Summer events in Sienese Tuscany
Let’s discover the summer events in this wonderful corner of Tuscany, starting from Podere Salicotto

Summer has officially arrived in the Crete Senesi!

And it brings with it the desire to travel, discover different places, where you can relax but also recharge with positive energy. Sienese Tuscany, in the places of the Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia seem to correspond exactly to these requirements. The Val d’Orcia with its sinuous hills and its cypresses and the Crete Senesi with its lunar and fairytale landscapes will seduce you and leave you breathless. If you want to discover more about these places, know that the summer also brings with it the arrival of many festivals, concerts and cultural events to be experienced under the stars. Podere Salicotto farmhouse awaits you in the heart of the Crete Senesi to make your stay in Tuscany unique and unforgettable!

Setting out from our farmhouse you can visit all the architectural and natural wonders of these lands, while admiring the fantastic postcard landscapes and savoring a gastronomy full of delicacies!

Here are some suggestions on the unmissable summer events of the Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia.

Brunello di Montalcino and great jazz: the Jazz and Wine festival returns to Montalcino

Two immense worlds, full of the same meditative qualities and the same 360-degree sensory involvement. In mid-July in the fortress of Montalcino, the Jazz and wine festival awaits you. Born in 1998, this cultural project brings together many artists and masters of jazz and one of the most prestigious wine areas in the world. You can sip a good glass of Brunello di Montalcino under the starry nights of July, while listening to the best artists of this musical genre. For wine lovers and jazz lovers, this is an unmissable event.

WHEN 19-24 July

WHERE Montalcino

All information on the event HERE

Find out more about the village of Montalcino HERE, just 16 km from our Podere Salicotto farmhouse


Asciano sound festival and the sounds that combine music and nature

A “newborn” festival that was a huge success last year. A festival dedicated to sound in all its forms and nuances. From noon to midnight for the five days of programming, the territory of the municipality of Asciano will be immersed in sounds and languages ​​from all over the world. You can enjoy authentic art performances in the splendid setting of Asciano and each day will be dedicated to different sounds. The sounds of joy, tradition, passion, the Earth and light are the 5 themes of this year. Nature and Art await you in Asciano, just 20 km from our farmhouse. Find out more about Asciano HERE 

WHEN July 5-9

WHERE Asciano

All information on the event HERE 

The most famous medieval event in Tuscany: the Palio di Siena

Siena needs no introduction. We are talking about the homeland of the most famous medieval historical re-enactment and competition in Italy: the Palio di Siena.

If you stay at Podere Salicotto, in just 30 km you can reach one of the cities richest in history and culture in Italy. Siena, surrounded by hills and cypresses, is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy. The famous Piazza del Campo, with its particular shell shape, where the famous Palio is held, the ardent fulcrum of Sienese life. It is a passionate horse race that takes place every year in July and August which is said to have its roots in the 17th century.                                                                              The complex event is based on a horse race around the Piazza del Campo. The city is divided into 17 districts and during the Palio of 2 July, ten districts (Contrade) compete to earn glory and victory (the seven that did not compete in last year’s palio to which three of the ten that have run the race are added). Similarly in the August competition, the districts are entrusted with the horses, which are also drawn by lot and ridden for three laps of the square bareback (without saddle). This is an event that is almost impossible to describe, both for its cultural significance and for the passion and strong sense of belonging that animates all the Sienese. A faith, a creed, a great passion that leads the whole city and many tourists who pour into the streets in the previous days and during the race to enjoy the fantastic show. Furthermore, the Palio race is preceded by a historical procession in which over 600 participants representing the Contrade take part. A real dive into the Italian Middle Ages to be savored at least once in a lifetime.

WHEN 2 July and 16 August


All information on events HERE


In Montepulciano the international art yard of Montepulciano

From 16 to 31 July 2022, 36 appointments with choirs, orchestras, ballets, theatrical performances and operas await you in the village of Montepulciano and in the major centers of the Valdichiana. We would like to point out an exceptional event with a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini under the title PSLN. Furthermore, the Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte introduces this year a free musical babysitting service: parents and relatives will thus be able to follow shows and concerts, whilst their children, including babies, will remain in the company of the experts of the Henze Institute doing musical preparatory activities. In addition, in Montepulciano on the last Sunday of August another unmissable event awaits you, the traditional historical re-enactment of the Bravìo delle botti, where the eight city districts compete by pushing and rolling 80kg wine barrels. Art awaits you in Siena’s Tuscany!

WHERE Montepulciano

WHEN 16 – 31 July (Construction site) and last Sunday in August (Bravìo)

Info HERE and HERE


In Val d’Orcia to discover the poor theater of Monticchiello

Let’s move to the Val d’Orcia to the characteristic village of Monticchiello where you can discover a unique form of theater: an extraordinary social project from the 60s, born from the need to rebuild the social fabric of the village after the sharecropping crisis and the problem of depopulation. Here the theater and the play become one with the life of the small Valdorciano village: defined by Strehler as a real “autodrama” since its staging is “participated in” by all the inhabitants of the village, who very often, in the square, play themselves. The now famous Teatro Povero di Monticchiello is a participatory dramaturgy that questions crucial issues for the community and in which the viewer can consequently recognize and find himself. Discover the village, where you can visit the sites of the performances and the TEPOTRATOS museum, the cradle of the theatrical history of the entire community.

Find out more about the Val d’Orcia HERE and about the Poor Theater HERE

Podere Salicotto is ready to welcome you during this very hot summer in the heart of the Crete Senesi. Here you can explore the most beautiful places on two wheels (we have a garage dedicated to the maintenance of bikes and mtb), relax in our salt water pool and solarium (where you can admire the sunset over the Crete) and enjoy (with our cooking lessons) all the beauty and goodness of the Crete Senesi.

Are you ready to experience summer in Siena’s Tuscany? We look forward to seeing you at the Podere Salicotto farmhouse.