Tuscans at the table: 8 dishes you absolutely must try

Tuscans at the table: 8 dishes you absolutely must try

Travel via the excellent Tuscan gastronomy for a perfect food and wine voyage.

What’s better than a good meal to relax and enjoy in company? Nothing!


That’s why we want to suggest some of the most important and appetizing Tuscan recipes that you absolutely must try. If you want to combine food and wonderful views, this area is the right place for you: our Podere Salicotto farmhouse is located between the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi, two real oases of rare beauty and …  a cuisine that you will fall in love with!

You absolutely cannot leave Tuscany without having tried some musts of its cuisine!

The 8 Tuscan dishes to not miss:
    Bread and oil are a winning combination, and in Tuscany they rhyme with tradition. It is a slice of bread rubbed with garlic, called fettunta, seasoned with excellent Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and salt. An excellent start to discover our cuisine.

Still on the subject of bread, with the stale bread it is customary to make a salad of bread with vegetables from the garden. Summer and surplus recovery dish, here is the famous panzanella. You can use your imagination and add all the vegetables you like even if the traditional recipe is usually just tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, oil and vinegar.


Also using stale bread we have a more winter recipe, namely ribollita. Bean and kale soup served with toast, the next day it is cooked again in a pan with olive oil. Did you understand the origin of the name? Re – boiled, that is, cooked twice.

  1. PICI

Tuscan pici are a traditional dish based on handmade pasta from the Val d’Orcia. Emblem of these lands, they are long and irregular spaghetti, handmade. The winning combinations to try are the Pici all’aglione (a particular type of garlic typical of the Val di Chiana), the Pici with meat sauce and the Pici with cheese and pepper.


Pappa al pomodoro is without a doubt Tuscan comfort food! The name itself refers to something soft, comfortable and easy to eat. Three main ingredients essential for a good result: stale bread, juicy tomatoes and good Tuscan olive oil. Makes your mouth water immediately!


Every celebratory meal in Tuscany opens with chicken liver paté on toasted bread, also called black crostini. The chicken livers are cooked with vegetables, made soft and creamy with a knob of butter and enlivened with capers and anchovy paste. The pate is then spread on slices of bread. Ever tasted it? Make and try it now!


If, on the other hand, you are a lover of street food, then don’t miss a nice sandwich with lampredotto. A sandwich soaked in broth, lampredotto, pepper and green sauce. The lampredotto is the fourth stomach of the cow. A must try!


After all these savory recipes we’d like to tempt you with the typical dessert par excellence of Tuscany: cantucci. They are very crunchy almond biscuits: ideal for dipping in Vin Santo, our sweet dessert wine.


Here at Podere Salicotto you will have the opportunity to taste all these delights and try to replicate them, discovering the secrets of the ancient recipes. In fact, we offer cooking classes for our guests where, thanks also to the organic ingredients from our garden, you will learn how to cook delicious and organic recipes.

From fresh pasta, to stuffed ravioli, to traditional recipes, here you can indulge yourself and learn many new recipes. Our menus, like our cooking classes, can be totally vegetarian on request. You can choose the wine you like best from our cellar and sip it while learning all the culinary secrets of these fantastic recipes.

This experience is designed for a minimum of 4 people, from 11.00 to 15.00 or from 16.30 to 22.00. If instead of learning you just want to relax and enjoy a good meal, do not miss the organic dinner prepared by us once a week. Thanks to the products of our organic garden and to our local producer friends we will be able to prepare you an organic dinner with the freshest and highest quality products! Choose the wine from our menu, relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds Podere Salicotto!

Did we make you hungry?

Then come and visit us, we are waiting for you here at Podere Salicotto!

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