Discovering Buonconvento and its Castles

Discovering Buonconvento and its Castles

Let’s discover villas and castles in this enchanting hamlet, starting from our agriturismo Podere Salicotto


We are always ready to advise you of amazing itineraries starting from our Podere Salicotto, but this time you really don’t have to go very far!

Less than 3km from our agriturismo you will find Buonconvento, one of the most beautiful and characteristic hamlets in Italy. Today we suggest an itinerary not in the centre of the village but in the area close by. Come and discover the villas and castles of Buonconvento!

Villa La Rondinella


Villa Rondinella

A real jewel just a stone’s throw from our B&B Podere Salicotto: Villa La Rondinella is located on the Via Cassia towards Rome, and is one of the greatest examples of Art Nouveau architecturefloral style – in the whole area. Commissioned by Luigi Saverio Ricci, a bourgeois of the time, and built by the architect Gino Chierici (1910). It seems that the house was built as a token of love for Ricci’s beloved, who is also depicted on the external facade of the Villa. Extremely rich in floral decorations both inside and out, Villa La Rondinella will offer you many beautiful photos, with its colored bricks on the outside, the frescoes in the windows and the wrought iron work. Here you will also find a beautiful garden that goes all the way around the house. Unfortunately, the inside of the Villa is currently closed to the public. However, if you love a little mystery, you cannot fail to take a peek at Villa La Rondinella: it is said that there have been numerous sightings of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena all over the place … Have we intrigued you enough?

Castello di Castelrosi

Castelrosi was initially a fortress of the Republic of Siena, which later became a villa at the behest of Andrea Piccolomini, grandson of Pius II. At the beginning of the last century it became a real neo-Gothic castle, designed by the architect Vittorio Mariani. The latter decided to also create the park and the small Italian garden around the structure but the most noteworthy element of the Castle of Castelrosi is the ancient octagonal tower. Despite being inside a private property, you can easily admire from afar the gigantic walls with their characteristic color and the ancient tower.

Castello di Bibbiano

This castle is also very close to Podere Salicotto: about 7 km away you’ll find the Bibbiano Castle. Declared a National Monument in 1922, the castle had already existed since around 850 AD. Initially owned by a Lombard count, the castle dominates the hill with its high crenellated walls and its central keep, and will give you truly splendid views: you can visit the Bibbiano castle from the outside.

Curiosity: The name Bibbiano derives from Bibbio, an aquatic bird similar to the duck, also called Wigeon, of which these lands were rich.

Here is a really simple itinerary, all places just a few minutes away from Podere Salicotto!

Explore these old evocative towers, and on your return you can dive into nature and look at the thousands of photos taken during the day, perhaps relaxing by our swimming pool, with a nice glass of wine in hand

If you are interested in visiting not only the surroundings but also the center of Buonconvento, take a look HERE.


Cover image – Casterosi castle taken from the site