Relax and slow travel in Tuscany: four abbeys between the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi

Relax and slow travel in Tuscany: four abbeys between the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi

Four Tuscan abbeys easily reached from Podere Salicotto, for you to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil experience.

Looking for a destination where you can truly relax? Do you want to live an experience of pure relaxation, experiencing authentic Tuscany, but breaking away from the usual traditional routes and paths? If you are looking for a place where you can “disconnect” from the incessant daily routine, Tuscany is surely the land for you. At Podere Salicotto you will be immersed in nature: here you can enjoy wonderful and regenerating views, thanks to the strategic position of our farm. If you love the slow travel philosophy, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this itinerary that leads you to contemplation, to relaxation and in search of essentiality. We propose 4 different abbeys near Podere Salicotto which, with their mystical atmosphere, could well be the right answer to your search for peace and silence.

The Benedictine Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Monte Oliveto Maggiore abbey

Just twenty minutes away from our Podere Salicotto farmhouse, in the municipality of Asciano, stands the Benedictine abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. You will be catapulted into an almost mystical atmosphere: the evocative landscape that frames this place makes this abbey ideal if you are looking for peace and serenity. After crossing the long cypress lined path and the drawbridge, go to the cloister decorated by Luca Signorelli, where images from the life of St. Benedict are represented.

Also well worth visiting is the refectory, frescoed by Fra Paolo Novelli, and the library, where there are some 40 thousand volumes and restored parchments. In addition, you can visit the cellar where you can taste the wine and other typical products from the Abbey’s farm. For more information, timetables and curiosities about this oasis of tranquility click here.


The Abbey of Sant’Antimo

Sant'Antimo abbey

About 30 minutes away from Podere Salicotto you will find the charming village of Montalcino, where the abbey of Sant’Antimo is situated. Going south, in the Val d’Orcia you will find yourself in the homeland of Brunello. A Medieval village of enchanting beauty, Montalcino contains among other wonders a Romanesque church whose origins date back to the time of Charlemagne. To learn more about the abbey of Sant’Antimo and Montalcino click here.

The abbey has been inhabited since 781 AD. by Benedictine monks who are dedicated to the cultivation of lavender, the production of tea, honey and olive oil and the teaching of Gregorian chanting. We thoroughly recommend that you go inside the church: take a look at the altar with his imposing colonnade, the Carolingian chapel, and the naves full of stunning natural light that really give it a sense of absolute serenity.

The Abbey of San Salvatore

San Salvatore abbey

Another amazing abbey is on Mount Amiata, in Abbadia San Salvatore, about 50 minutes away from Podere Salicotto. The town owes its name to the abbey, built in the eighth century. The legend tells of a divine vision which the Lombard King Rachis had during a hunting trip. The King decided to build a church in the exact location where he had had the vision. The thesis of the foundation of the abbey is also accredited thanks to the joint efforts of the Benedictine monks and the brothers Marco and Erfone, Dukes of Friuli. We absolutely recommend a visit inside, since the church is purely in Romanesque style in the shape of a Latin cross. Here among the immense columns, you will enjoy incredible tranquility. You can combine a visit to the abbey with a pleasant excursion around Mount Amiata, with its ski facility in winter, its pleasant coolness in the height of summer and its delicacies, mushrooms and chestnuts, in autumn.


The Abbey of San Galgano

San Galgano abbey

The Abbey of San Galgano, in Chiusdino is almost certainly one of the most iconic and evocative places in all of Tuscany. Just one hour from Podere Salicotto (the abbey is 50 km from our B&B), you will find yourself in one of the most surreal places in Tuscany. The iconic abbey is truly unique: the remains of a Gothic church (the first to be built in Tuscany in the 13th century) without a ceiling or floors. Built by Cistercian monks, it was erected in honor of San Galgano, a prominent figure of the monastic order.                                                                                             San Galgano (aka Galgano Guidotti) was a wealthy merchant who, after a vision of the archangel Gabriel, embraced the Christian religion and became a hermit. On a hill near the site of the future abbey, Galgano sank his sword into the stone, forming a cross, which can still be seen today. There are several legends and stories that circulate around this truly unique place, so you mustn’t miss the opportunity to visit and discover all its secrets. We also recommend visiting the site at night, to enjoy the view of the illuminated Abbey.

Podere Salicotto is the ideal base for your journey to discover the beauty of Tuscany. A delightful organic Bed & Breakfast near Buonconvento, halfway between the suggestive Crete Senesi and the romantic Val d’Orcia. Situated strategically on a scenic hill, it is the ideal base to truly experience the beauty of Tuscany. At Podere Salicotto, hospitality is a philosophy of life, where we care for others with simple gestures. Breathtaking views and a magical and relaxing atmosphere will be the setting for your dream experience. Discover many other itineraries and tips on our blog.

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