The Rocca di Tentennano

The Rocca di Tentennano

The Rocca di Tentennano is an ancient castle that was a strategic checkpoint along the Via Francigena back in the Middle Ages. You can realize at a glance why the ‘Rocca’ was built there at the top of a hill at the edge of the Val d’Orcia, an unchallengeable location.

Today the Rocca di Tentennano is no longer a checkpoint along the Via Francigena or the routes to the Maremma, but we warmly recommend a visit, it can be very exciting! From up there you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views over the whole valley.

You can visit the ancient fortress and climb the tower. The Rocca di Tentennano is located in Rocca d’Orcia, in front of the village of Castiglione d’Orcia, a few kilometers from Bagno Vignoni. You can park in Castiglione d’Orcia and enjoy a pleasant walk up to the Rocca.

Inside the Rocca di Tentennano: a journey back into the Middle Ages

Let’s play a game. When you are there, close your eyes and let your mind wander back to the ancient times, when the streets were  made of clay and people wore britches and all around the Rocca di Tentennano guards stood under the arches and patrolled the territory with  spears and swords.
This was a major strategic place of paramount importance to the valley: you now have the honor to enter an inaccessible fortress considered by many in the past to be unchallengeable.
Ok, now open up your eyes. You are not in the Middle Ages  any longer, but you may now be looking at the fortress in a different way.

The fortress was built in 800 AD and many battles were fought in order to gain its control. The Tower is the only main structure left of the ancient fortress. Still you can visit the remains of the double walls that surrounded it.
Its position made the fortress unchallengeable because it was built on a rock at the top of a hill. Enemies could hardly approach it without suffering major losses. The shape is pentagonal and  if you catch a glimpse of the interior through the loopeholes in the walls, you can realize how thick these were, almost 3 mt!
The walkways – which were rebuilt inside – reproduce the ancient walkways followed by the patrols:  archers and sentinels controlled the horizon in the same way as you do now.

An experience with a medieval touch that will enchant you.

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