The Bosco della Ragnaia

The Bosco della Ragnaia

The Bosco della Ragnaia is a living sculpture. A wooded park and a garden created by the American artist Sheppard Craige. The park is located in San Giovanni d’Asso, a small and charming medieval village among the Crete Senesi, a few kilometers from our Podere Salicotto charming country home. In this article we want to suggest you visit to this enchanted place, still (fortunately) little known.

Finding the words to describe the Bosco della Ragnaia is not easy. As soon as you enter the park you lose track of time, walking past clues and words carved. It is a park designed to stimulate the curiosity of the traveler who will be carried away by the suggestion of the place.

Walking under high oaks, if you pay attention, you can see many inscriptions hidden by the moss. Some of them look familiar, others more enigmatic. Inside the park Sheppard has created fountains and conceptual sculptures blending the naturalness of the place with the style of the Renaissance garden. Crossing the woods you can experience a pleasant philosophical journey via the great themes of a man with a sceptical humour and the irreverent vision of an artist. Some of the works that you meet in the park are the Altar of Scepticism, the Tabernacle of Certainties, the Center of the Universe, or an Oracle of You.

The Wood does not want to offer a truth, but is open to all interpretations.

Entering the Bosco della Ragnaia is simply beautiful, particular, an escape from reality. Entering the Bosco della Ragnaia is an invitation to meditation, a place that arouses different sensations in each of us. A personal experience that is absolutely worth living.

At the entrance to the park we read the motto: “if not here where?”.