A hot air balloon flight on the Tuscan hills

A hot air balloon flight on the Tuscan hills

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When we talk about Slow Travel there are means of transport with a special charm that can give strong emotions. In this article we want to recommend the most suggestive way to discover Tuscany from a unique point of view: the sky.

A hot air balloon flight on the hills of Tuscany, over the Val d’Orcia, the Crete Senesi and Chianti is an exceptional experience that will leave you precious memories. Tuscany is famous all over the world for its postcard landscapes, imagine seeing them from above in flight, at the first light of dawn.

Slow Travel by hot air balloon

Place and moment of take-off are very important moments of the flight. The take-off place is located in an enchanted valley, under the small village of Montisi, about 20 km from Podere Salicotto. This is a strategic point because it allows access to the most beautiful landscapes of southern Tuscany and offers spectacular flights. Depending on the direction of the wind you can fly north over the Crete Senesi near Siena, west on the rolling hills of the Val d’Orcia south of Pienza or on the woods to the east, towards the Val di Chiana.

The best time for take-off is dawn, due to the absence of strong winds but also because it is the most evocative moment of the day. A magical moment, with the light of the first ray of sunshine striking the land, the light movement of the air and the rustling of the trees beneath you: you will live a dream.



You do not have to be frightened by the balloon flight, even if the first time everyone is a little bit scared, the first ten minutes of flight are so beautiful and exciting that you forget your fears. Your eyes will be locked on the hills with farmhouses, picturesque medieval villages, cypresses, vineyards and cultivated fields.

The flight takes about an hour and at the time of landing you will find a prosecco glass and a good breakfast. Including transport time, flight and picnic you have to calculate about 3-4 hours.

Weather permitting flights take place every day from May to October and normally the hot air balloon reaches an altitude between 300 and 600 meters, but already at 100 meters the view is wonderful.

The balloon is also a great platform for taking pictures or filming landscapes from a special point of view.

Balloon baskets can accommodate two to sixteen people and children must be over 7 years old and must be at least 137 centimeters tall.

Ballooning in Tuscany has been offering this exclusive experience for years and the flights are carried out by experienced pilots, with which you will surely be in good hands! For more information or to book your hot air balloon flight visit the website.


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