Cycling routes in Tuscany: on the Eroica roads

Cycling routes in Tuscany: on the Eroica roads

percorsi in bici in toscana

The beauty of the landscapes, the amazing medieval villages and the great food and wine tradition make Tuscany one of the most popular destinations for cycle tourists from all over the world. Traveling by bike on secondary roads, surrounded by nature is the best way to really experience this territory. Especially if on the way you meet unique medieval villages like Buonconvento or Montalcino, ancient castles and rolling hills with cypresses and vineyards. Traveling by bike to discover the most rustic and authentic Tuscany is the suggestion we want to give to all of you who love to travel slowly following the rhythms of nature.

In this article we want to suggest two wonderful bike routes, simple and suitable for everyone. Both routes start from our farmhouse Podere Salicotto and wind between Buonconvento and Montalcino, on white roads among rolling hills and the Brunello vineyards. In addition, these bike routes will allow you to live a unique experience on the roads of the famous Eroica.

L’Eroica: cycling from other times

percorsi in bici in Toscana l'Eroica

L’Eroica is a cycling event that takes place in the province of Siena. It has the distinction of evoking old-fashioned cycling. Its route takes place mostly on dirt roads and participants ride vintage bicycles with period clothing. Attending L’Eroica means taking a leap into the past. The event is held every year in October, the “long” route measures 205 km and is signposted all the way. It is an event that has now become a cult for all bike enthusiasts and the curious and has contributed to making Chianti, the Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia famous throughout the world.

In April there is the Nova Eroica: the route takes place between Montalcino and Gaiole in Chianti and makes a figure eight. Buonconvento, the venue of the event, is in the centre and is just 3 km from our farmhouse Podere Salicotto. Breathtaking views, between Chianti and the Val d’Arbia, the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi. Roads, food and people, a way of life to live more and better, between bikes and smiles.

Cycling routes on the Eroica roads

percorsi in bici in toscana

The roads of the Eroica that make up the route of the historical and sporting event, are also a permanent path usable all year round for slow travel lovers. We want to suggest two simple routes, very suitable for everyone, to give you the pleasure and excitement of living a little Eroica in your own way.



27.6 Km – Difference in height: 297 m

The Family Fun Route is designed for families, also suitable for children who can also have their own Eroica experience. There will be white roads, vineyards and beautiful landscapes. Continuing to climb you can easily reach Montalcino.


49.4 Km – Difference in height: 710 m

This route integrates part of the previous one and continues towards Torrenieri and San Giovanni d’Asso, going around Podere Salicotto. This bike route on the roads of the Eroica is a little longer than the other and is suitable for those who want to travel through some of the legendary sections of L’Eroica

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